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CSEC Syllabus


By now, I suppose you already know the general idea of how the language exams will be. Three papers. Still, in case you don’t, culture alley‘s summed it up pretty nicely as below

  1. Paper 01 – General Proficiency (1 hour 20 minutes) – 60 marks – A 60-item Multiple Choice test in two sections
    1. Part A – Listening Comprehension (30 items)
    2. Part B – Reading Comprehension (30 items)
  2. Paper 02 – Written paper (2 hours 15 minutes) – 100 marks
    1. Section 1 – Requires candidates to provide written responses to various situations in Spanish
    2. Section 2 – Choose between writing an informal letter (130-150 words) OR a composition (130-150 words)
    3. Section 3 – Choose between writing a contextual announcement (80-100 words) OR a contextual dialog (80-100 words)
    4. Section 4 – Reading comprehension – candidates need to read a comprehension in Spanish and answer the questions in English
  3. Paper 03 – Oral (10-15 minutes) – 80 marks
    1. Section 1 – Requires candidates to answer orally (in Spanish) to situations given in English (see some sample papers)
    2. Section 2 – Read a passage in Spanish aloud
    3. Section 3 – Answer orally to 4 questions

They’ve also managed to summarize the syllabus for Students, who, understandably enough, really could go without the details of the syllabus booklet.


Candidates should be able to carry out guided conversations based on the following topics:

  1. Home and Family
  2. School and Career
  3. Sports and Recreation
  4. Daily Routines
  5. Shopping
  6. Travel
  1. Present
  2. Present Continuous
  3. Future
  4. Preterite
  5. Imperfect
  6. Past Continuous
  7. Present Perfect
  8. Pluperfect
  9. Conditional
  1. Indicative
  2. Imperative
  3. Infinitive
  4. **Present Subjunctive
  5. *Imperfect Subjunctive*
    *For recognition at General Proficiency only

But quite frankly, and parents, I agree the booklet does offer details that would be effective, and give the edge. It would help you to go through it, and see where you have to focus on before April. (Cuz that’s when Paper 3 is generally)

I’ve linked the syllabus for Modern Languages here. It gives information on what they’re looking for and how they’re marking students. You can check it out and continue (read “start” in most students minds. I know, believe me I know) preparations in earnest.

Parents run it through alongside your children. Students, run it through again by yourselves. You know where you need to focus on. You know your shortcomings. Luckily for you, Spanish and French are two very easy subjects. They just take time and interest to pass. And of course the desire to pass them.

That’s really what’s up to you.


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